Our Story

Margosi (pronounced Mar-GO-see) was started in 2019 out of a desire to create beautiful and elegant shoes for women.   Since the age of thirteen, our founder struggled to find quality shoes in her size.  She spent year after year in agony because very few retailers carried her size.  It was always the one black shoe or sneakers.  After graduating and entering the corporate world, her struggles intensified as there was still minimal selections and lack of variety.  She always thought that one day this would change because she met so many women who shared similar stories.   Years of waiting yielded no results; therefore, she decided to do something about it. 

She took a giant leap of faith and embarked on a journey to start a new shoe brand.  She was driven by a passion to create a brand that focused on style, quality and accessibility.   Months of research for the best made shoes led her to Italy.  She took courses in footwear design to gain the necessary experience to create a brand.  She was well equipped after learning about the shoe making process, shoe components, materials, and sketching techniques.  


This led to the establishment of Margosi in 2019.  Our collaborative partnership with Studio Arise.s helped ensure our brand would create a meaningful experience for women.  We wanted our brand to bring both luxury and style paired with affordability.  

After a year of hard work during the COVID pandemic, we began producing our first collection to appeal to women at various stages of their life.   We launched our brand in 2021.  We believe that every woman should be able to find beautiful shoes no matter the size.   We are proud to offer a wide range of selections for women's sizes 9 to 13.